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Our Mission

The mission of The Bronze Smiths initiative of MAGG is to diversify our organization to more adequately reflect the greater Atlanta community and to promote and foster anti-racism practices.  The initiative is committed to paying homage to our ancestors who passed down the original metalsmithing craft, to branching out deeper within the community to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity and to planting seeds for a future generation of metalsmiths.  We will engage with the Black community and other people of color to offer education and experiences that promote racial inclusiveness, celebrate cultural differences, and help address systemic racism.  Ultimately, we are committed to providing a strong base for a future which is more equitable, more diverse and embraces the intersection of tradition and new techniques. Just like the discovery of bronze, an alloy of different metals that together made it stronger and propelled society forward with new capabilities, we believe that if people of all shades worked together, we will be a stronger community.

Our Plan of Action

  1. Honoring our Roots:  Workshop mini-series paying homage to our ancestors, especially those of African and other Indigenous cultures who passed down the original craft.  Workshops will also focus on the cultural significance of different forms of jewelry and adornment as well as exploring traditional techniques.
  2. Planting the Seeds: An initiative in partnership with after school or academic programs in underserved communities in the Atlanta area to introduce students to the art of metalsmithing and jewelry making. Our goal is to align with the STEAM curriculum, infusing lessons in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  We hope to motivate and retain students by also teaching this as a trade, helping them sell their products for a profit while teaching them valuable entrepreneurial skills.
  3. Branching Out: Expanding MAGG’s reach to underrepresented and underserved communities with special initiatives targeting young adults (18-25yr).  Our goal is to help address racial inequality by creating new opportunities to make a lasting impact on the lives of young adults enrolled at a community college in the Atlanta area by teaching metalsmithing as a trade to enable entrepreneurship and economic self-sufficiency. We plan to bring programs into the community by partnering with organizations, offer discounted classes and tools for those economically disadvantaged, and develop a mentorship program.  In addition, we plan to expand MAGG’s marketing efforts and class offerings to appeal to a more diverse member base and increase racial diversity in our teaching staff and leadership team.
  4. Growing Strong: With a strong base that is more equitable, diverse and embraces tradition through the aforementioned steps, we ultimately plan to grow into a future focused on the intersection of tradition and new techniques that appeals equally to the hobbyist, fine craftsmen and commercial professionals.

Our Team

Obayana Ajanaku

Julie Bowser

Lisa Heller

Nicole Mermans

Fyli Sissoko

Aakofii Tucker

Susan Wachler

Karen Williams


Our Sponsors

We want to thank Rio Grande for sponsoring our 'Honoring our Roots' workshops series with scholarship funding!

Also, thanks to other sponsors who have donated tools and supplies including:

Atlantic Fine Woods

Current Events

For our second workshop in the 'Honoring our Roots' series we are honored to be hosting Lyndon Tsosie of House of Stamps with a lecture on April 14th, 2021 at 6pm 'The Essentials of Navajo Jewelry Making'. Lyndon will discuss the early beginnings (early 1900’s-present) of Navajo jewelry’s minimal use of machinery to create exquisite wearable art.  This will be followed by a virtual workshop: 'The Making of a Navajo Bracelet' on Saturday, April 14, 2021. Students will learn to design and fabricate early first phase Navajo cuff bracelet using minimal tools to create. Follow this link to register

Past Events 

We were excited to launch the 'Honoring Our Roots' series in November 2020 with Matthieu Cheminee as he discussed his book, 'Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa': "Part technical guide, part anthropological study, Legacy offers a glimpse into the daily lives and work habits of the jewellers of West Africa." 

To View the recording of the 'Legacy' Discussion with Matthieu click HERE

...and please consider making a donation to Matthieu's Toolbox Initiative

November 2020

'Legacy' Discussion with Matthieu Cheminee

'Chain Making without Solder' with Matthieu Cheminee (10 Rio Grande scholarship recipients)

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