3 Day Virtual Workshop: Tubing Technical: An Exploration in Fabrication with Alison Antelman

  • Friday, September 10, 2021
  • 12:00 PM
  • Sunday, September 12, 2021
  • 7:00 PM
  • In the comfort of your home studio
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3 Day Virtual Workshop

Tubing technical

with  Alison Antelman

Friday - Sunday 

September 10-12, 2021; 12:00 - 7:00 pm EST

Register by August 26 to allow time for kits to be sent


Course Description

Don't miss this very special opportunity with Alison to learn a variety of techniques with TUBING! As pictured above, students will make 2 projects: a hinged pendant with a trillion stone setting that hangs from a bail created with hand-made bent tubing. A pivot earring where students learn to stretch tubing that fits a faceted stone for simple earrings that pivot. 

Tubing definition: a hollow form open at both ends, not necessarily round. Explore the myriad ways to make and use tubing. Join, bend, connect, hang, set faceted trillion stones, stretch and hinge, using tubing. 

Each class is also recorded and available for students to watch later (for 30 days), to review instructions or in case you missed a part of the class.  Alison will send you a kit for this class and the kit fee is included in the registration fee. Register by July 28 to take advantage of our early bird specials!


This is an intermediate level class, basic fabrication and soldering required.
IMPORTANT!!!  Students need either a bolted down bench vise or make your own draw pull jig. Learn how to make a draw pull: F DIY draw pull.pdf 

Please scroll down to see all the tools needed for this workshop. If you have any questions concerning the tools or skills needed for the workshop, please feel free to contact Alison directly:

Artist Bio

Alison Antelman  510.704.1905

Alison B. Antelman exhibits and sells her work from her studio, galleries and at craft shows nationally. She’s participated in gallery exhibitions from Los Angeles to Massachusetts including at Mobilia and Facere Galleries and the Palos Verdes Art Center. She was awarded Honorable Mention at Lakefront Festival of Art at the Milwaukee Art Museum, 2018 CraftBoston Holiday Award of Distinction in Jewelry, she is a 2015 Niche Award Winner, won First Place in the 2014 Charles Lewton Brain Fold-Forming Competition and 2017 & 2015 Best of Jewelry at the Sun Valley Center Arts & Crafts Festival. Her work is published in New Bracelets 2021 Promo press, JCK Magazine, MJSA Journal, Art Jewelry Today 4 and Art Jewelry Today 3 by Schiffer Publishing, Showcase 500 Art Necklaces and500 Gemstone Jewels by Lark Books, Lapidary Journal’s Jewelry Artist magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle. She has written articles for Lapidary Journal, Jewelry Artist and Metalsmith Magazines, given lectures, teaches workshops through art centers and Guilds nationally. She’s relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico and looks forward to creating her one-of-a-kind jewelry in her new well-lit studio. See more of her fantastic tubing jewelry pieces below.


Questions, contact Artist Assistant

Martha Fitzmier

Cost (including $35 kit fee)

Member Fee:  $435.00

Non-member Fee:  $460.00

Early Bird: $410/$435, good thru July 28, 2021


In the comfort of your home studio

A zoom video recording link is provided each day for students and
available for 30 days. 

Materials and Supplies

Please read carefully and email if you have questions

*** these are items you might not have and need for this workshop

  1. Basic tool kit Basic tool kit: Bench pin, hand tools, files-large/small, pliers, saw, saw/blades 2/0 or 3/0. hand tools-wire cutters
  2. Pliers: round OR half round, flat/chain nose, cutters
  3. Files- basic Files large and small/mini (flat, half round, round)
  4. Files mini sizes 4 inch cut # 2 (my preference). round: Part # 131.583GR three sided: Part # 131.630GR Flat/equaling:  Part # 131.498GR.  I love these tiny files made by Grobet from Italy at
  5. Soldering supplies including; torch, flux, sheet/chip hard and medium solder, pic, third hand, tweezers, pickle pot, etc…It will be useful to have a soldering pad similar to Solderite™ Pad, Hard, 6" x 6" x 1/2" Charcoal block ok too.  Item #: 502063
  6. Burr life/beeswax or another blade lubricant
  7. Scribe -anything sharp to scribe into metal
  8. Calipers/ruler and/or other measuring device
  9. Sharpie marker
  10. Tube Cutting Jig OR Miter Jig example from otto frei: Part # 126.450
  11. Chasing hammer/something to set stones with.
  12. Stone setting tools including bezel pusher, burnisher and/or punch.
  13. Safety glasses
  14. 3mm round OR setting Burr****
  15. Large shears/sometimes called aviation shears or Joyce Chen shears
  16. Heavy mallet: something to push settings together, also to put seam together.
  17. goldsmith’s hammer or anything with narrow rectangular side, flat side useful too.***
  18. pumice wheel or small flex shaft wheel to finish/smooth end of ear wire and perimeter of stone.
  19. Delrin plastic OR wood block with crevices may be called U channel, used for forming metal. You can file a round groove in a block of wood. ***
  20. Tubing draw plate**** Steel Tube Forming Draw Plate 3.0mm-10.0mm, Part # 128.040
  21. Bolted down bench vise OR make your own Draw pull ***
  22. drift pin *** (aka: drift punch), small round mandrel/drift pin/punch, a tapered scribe can work too./ Gradually tapered bezel shaper/ tapered scribe- for stretching tubing. 1/16 of an inch TEKTON 1/16 Inch Alignment Punch | 66171
  23. Draw tongs or Vice Grips, pointed locking vice grips***

Optional: A chain to add to your pendant.


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Cancellation / Refund Policy

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